NIB Preferred Membership Status

We are excited to announce our participation in NIB’s First Choice Network as your local NIB dentist Melbourne. We have been selectively chosen by NIB as a NIB preferred provider for NIB dentist customers. As a First Choice Network NIB dentist provider in Hawthorn East we are proud to offer a high level of dental care and treatment to our NIB patients. This high level of treatment and care will come at a lower cost keeping your out of pocket expenses low.

Nib First Choice

So what does this mean for members of NIB?

  • Guaranteed 60-80% back on dental treatments (dependent on level of Extras cover)
  • Guaranteed competitive pricing (NIB fees charged)
  • Lower treatment fee structure strictly for NIB patients

So which health fund members have access to our NIB fee structure?

  • NIB provider
  • Quantas Assure provider
  • Aami health provider
  • Suncorp insurance provider
  • Apia provider



NIB is one of Australia’s fastest growing health insurers providing health and medical insurance to over one million Australian and New Zealand residents. With a NIB dentist you are able to claim between 60-80% (as per your level of cover) on extras treatment and unlike some other funds the percentage is fixed. NIB dentist customers also get exclusive access to reduced fee structures at NIB dentist preferred providers such as Hawthorn East Dental.


The NIB First Choice Network is a community of trusted health professionals designed to give you peace of mind and help keep your out of pocket expenses low. We are excited to provide our NIB dentist Melbourne patients with the best affordable family dental care we can.

The NIB First Choice Dental network is made up of NIB dentist Melbourne that will offer their services and treatments for a set lower rate. Under your NIB cover you will still receive a fixed percentage back on your treatment when you visit a dentist in the NIB dentist First Choice Dental network (depending on your policy). This will result in lower out of pocket costs for you. We have joined the NIB First Choice network to help you access quality healthcare when you need it most. As a NIB dentist provider, we deliver quality care and value for money.


Here at Hawthorn East Dental, we take pride in providing all our patients with high-quality dental treatment in a relaxing, modern environment. We use the latest technology and techniques to assist our patients in diagnosis and treatment. We offer excellent dental care in a gentle manner.

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