Children’s Dentistry

A lifetime of healthy teeth and oral hygiene begins at a very young age. Maintaining your child’s teeth at all stages of their life is crucial, especially during the baby teeth stage

Kids are impressionable and learn from their parents. How a parent responds to dental health and procedures will greatly impact on how children treat their teeth for life.

We recommend that a child should have their first dental visit by their 1st birthday. This allows your child’s oral development and growth to be monitored. After all, prevention is the best medicine!

At Hawthorn East Dental, we have over a decade of experience treating mummy’s little helpers!

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is the treatment of tooth nerve infection and abscess.
The aim of root canal therapy is to save teeth that would otherwise be extracted.
The entire treatment can take around 3 visits and tooth ache relief occurs almost instantly.
We use the market leading ProTaper NEXT Rotary Endodontics system to give you the best possible treatment outcome.

Grinding/TMJ Disorder

Stresses in life have seen a dramatic increase in broken and fractured teeth due to grinding and clenching. At times, the problem can be so severe, where it leads to headaches, neck pain and inability to chew.
We have a variety of treatment options, ranging for night guards to dental injectables to relieve your symptoms.

Sleep Apnoea/Snoring

Sleep Apnoea and snoring can occur when the tongue blocks the airway while we sleep. It’s very common and can be detrimental on our long term health.
At Hawthorn East Dental, we can help you construct an individually-tailored sleep apnoea/snoring appliance with highly successful results.

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