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We are excited to announce our status as a preferred provider. We have been selectively chosen by Smile to assist with their goal of providing affordable, quality dental care to Australia. Smile believes that visiting a quality dentist is important for peace of mind as well as creating beautiful, healthy smiles. It is for this reason that we are excited by our partnership with Smile as only partners with local, independent dentists that continuously meet their quality standards.


So what does this mean for Smile members?

  • Savings of between 15% and 40% on ALL treatments under the Smile fee structure
  • Guaranteed competitive pricing (SMILE fees charged)
  • Exclusive access to our discounted fee structure made in conjunction with

And it gets better, Smile has partnered with select health insurances to push their goal further and benefit a greater population. If you are a member of any of the health funds listed below you will automatically receive access to our lower fee structure too!

So which health fund members have access to our SMILE fee structure?

  • Defence Health Provider
  • Frank Health Insurance provider
  • GMHBA provider
  • Peoplecare provider
  • Australian Unity provider
  • provider
  • Budget Direct provider


The health funds listed above have chosen partner with to benefit their members! By partnering with the health fund members are automatically eligible to receive discounted treatment at participating dentists such as Hawthorn East Dental!

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