Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth usually erupt between the ages of 16 to 23 years old. When there is insufficient space for them, these teeth can cause many problems including:

  • Pain and infection of adjacent gum
  • Tooth decay of adjacent teeth
  • Gum and cheek ulceration
  • Crowding of front teeth

Removal of wisdom teeth can be done in the chair under local anaesthetic or in the hospital under general anaesthesia.

Implant Surgery

At Hawthorn East Dental, we provide the very latest in implant surgical innovations and protocols to give you the best possible outcome.

In Implant surgery, there are generally three stages:

1. Consultation – We will consult with you to establish your suitability, the time required and costing. We take moulds and scans of your teeth and jawbone to establish a precise treatment pathway.
2. Surgery – A minor surgical procedure that can be done under local anaesthetic or under general anaesthesia in hospital. Healing time is very quick with most patient experiencing much less discomfort than a tooth extraction.
3. Review – We will review two weeks after surgery and again three months post-op to have the implant ready for restoration.

General Anaesthesia

Dental treatment under general anaesthesia can be performed by Dr. David Cao. This involves us visiting an accredited day hospital to perform all types of dental procedures.
General Anaesthesia is a nice alternative for children or patients with dental anxiety.
At Hawthorn East Dental, we take pride in our gentle and caring nature, especially for those that have fear of the dentist.

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