As an accredited provider of Invisalign we are able to transform crooked teeth into confident, beautiful smiles. Using our expertise, technology and knowledge we are able to provide orthodontic treatment leaving you with a smile to be proud of.

Invisalign is a method of tooth realignment that relies on the wearing of a series of thin, crystal clear removable devices called aligners. These aligners are made from a thermoplastic material and are custom made according to your individual treatment plan and desired outcome. As you progress through the number of clear aligners your teeth gently and gradually shift closer and closer to the desired position. For this movement to happen anchor points need to be established. This is accomplished by bonding small tooth coloured fillings to some teeth. These tiny fillings are virtually invisible as Dr David colour matches the attachments to your own unique shade. The combination of the anchor points and the clear aligners are the key to controlled tooth movement.

Invisalign can be used for simple cases where little movement is needed, or more complex situations where the movement is more substantial. Dr David Cao would need to complete a comprehensive assessment of your current alignment, space and facial profile to determine suitability for Invisalign treatment along with the expected outcome.

There are many benefits to Straighter teeth. Aside from the obvious aesthetic component there are also many clinical advantages to a straighter smile. Some of which being

Improved Oral Hygiene

Straighter teeth make achieving a high standard of oral hygiene significantly easier. Flossing and brushing well aligned teeth is far easier when compared to cleaning overlapping or rotated teeth. Crooked teeth are often tricky to keep clean and it is very difficult if not near impossible to maintain good oral hygiene. As we know this can lead to problems such as gingivitis, leading to bone loss around teeth which unfortunately doesn’t grow back! Other problems such as decay may arise as a result of poor oral hygiene. These risks are significantly reduced with the proper brushing and flossing that can come about by a straight smile.

Reduced Wear and Uneven Loading

Orthodontic treatment can also greatly improve the way your teeth bite together. This can provide you with a much more comfortable and desirable bite. Correcting your bite is done to prevent unwanted wear or loading that crooked teeth can place on some or all of your teeth. This can lead to the chipping of your teeth or uneven and excessive wearing of your teeth leading to Chronic sensitivity. Correcting your bite through orthodontic treatment such as Invisalign can extend the life of your teeth and aid in chewing function and comfortability.

So why choose Invisalign opposed to traditional braces?


The overall appearance of Invisalign is extremely discreet when compared to traditional braces. Invisalign eliminates the need for metal brackets and wires, creating a more visually appealing method of tooth realignment. The individual tooth coloured attachments and thin, crystal clear aligners make it superior to braces when looking from an aesthetic point of view.


The aligners are made from a specific thermoplastic material that feels very smooth and comfortable in the mouth. The attachments are polished very finely to create a high level of comfortability during treatment. Again, there are no uncomfortable or sharp metal brackets or wires as there are with traditional braces. As the aligners are removable it also makes eating a lot more comfortable during treatment as you are able to eat what you like comfortably.

Oral Hygiene

As Invisalign is removable it makes no difference to practices such as flossing. This is unlike traditional braces, where the metal wire makes flossing and brushing extremely difficult! Invisalign allows the patient to achieve a high level of oral hygiene with minimal effort compared to traditional braces.

Controlled Movement

Tooth movement via Invisalign treatment is very controlled and predictable when compared to traditional braces. Using Invisalign over traditional braces reduces the risk of teeth moving too fast or too far away from the desired position. Therefore greatly reducing the risk of gum recession, bone loss and potential nerve problems.

Treatment Procedure


Your complimentary consultation! All suitable cosmetic dentistry options are discussed along with their expected results. Comprehensive Smile Assessment including pre-operative photos.


Once suitability is determined and consent is received we can start the treatment process! Highly accurate moulds of your teeth are taken to be assessed.


Discussion of visual 3-D digital model treatment video. Any changes are made upon request and if approved the treatment plan is submitted.


Your aligners are back and ready to be tried in! You will be given your first aligner to start treatment!


Colour matched attachments are carefully bonded to the tooth surface to aid in tooth movement. You will receive more aligners to wear and progress through.

A review is necessary every 6-8 weeks to assess progress.


After treatment you will receive two things. One being a set of clear retainers that are to be worn to keep your teeth nice and straight! These are included in the cost and are necessary to retain the final outcome! Post treatment you will also receive a professional whitening kit complimentary of Dr. David Cao to whiten your new smile. The kit includes custom made whitening trays along with the very successful Poladay whitening gel. Feel free to read more about this product on our ‘Whitening’ tab.

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