Here at Hawthorn East Dental we have the knowledge and expertise to provide our patients with the latest implant treatment technology. We strive to offer and provide our patients the ultimate solutions to their dental problems and aesthetic concerns. We are your experts in providing gentle dental treatment and implants Hawthorn.

What is an implant?

Dental implants are the most reliable solution for tooth/teeth replacement. They are permanent, fixed and designed to look and feel just like your natural teeth.

In simple terms and implant consists of two components. The first being the ‘fixture.’ A fixture is a specialized medical-grade titanium ‘screw’ that sits below the gum level, embedded in the bone. Once this fixture is integrated its structural integrity is extremely strong as it acts as the supporting structure for our other component the ‘prosthesis.’ The prosthesis is what you can see above the gum level in a person’s mouth. It looks just like a tooth, colour matched to the surrounding teeth, you wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference!

When do we use implants?

Implants are used as a preferred method of successfully replacing missing teeth when viable. Here at Hawthorn East Dental we utilize our skills, technology and knowledge to help you replace one, some or even full upper/lower sets of teeth. There are many different treatment options available to be discussed and explained in a thorough manner with our principal dentist Dr. David Cao.

Dr David Cao is available to help you in resolving your missing teeth following a thorough assessment. With the use of CT scan technology, OPG radiographs and in mouth diagnosis Dr. David is able to advise you on suitability for implant treatment along with its prognosis.

What are the advantages?

Implants are the preferred method of tooth replacement when viable due to their longevity and success rates. Aside from effective cleaning an implant requires little to no upkeep. They are designed to mimic your natural teeth and are extremely easy to maintain.

Implant placement prevents the collapse of surrounding teeth as well as the loss of bone structure. Teeth generally tend to shift or grow into available empty spaces. Implant placement prevents this as it resolves and fills the empty space.

When compared to other teeth replacement methods implants are a very conservative, forward thinking solution. They include no shaving or shaping of the surrounding teeth as you are simply placing a self-sufficient structure. This is unlike other forms of tooth replacement such as bridges and partial dentures both of which utilize surrounding natural teeth for support. This compromises the tooth’s structural integrity and heightens their load.

As well as serving as a structural advantage they certainly have an aesthetic advantage too, mimicking and blending in with your natural teeth and filling that unwanted gap in your smile.

What do we offer?

Here at Hawthorn East Dental we take pride in using the very latest specialist grade AstraTech EV Implant system. Astratech (Dentsply Inc.) is a world renowned Swedish company that pioneered the modern day parallel dental implant. Since the eighties many specialist surgeons and other competitive companies have used AstraTech implants as a benchmark to compare success rate and longevity. This level of quality is also assured with our prosthesis as we use a local Melbourne dental lab that we communicate effectively with as we work in conjunction to give our patients the best result we can.

Here at Hawthorn East Dental, Dr David Cao uses his many years of implant knowledge and cutting edge technology in conjunction with his gentle and caring manner to offer and provide you with the dental treatment needed to help you resolve your dental issues.

What is the treatment process?

1. VISIT ONE – Consultation! Thorough smile assessment and key diagnostic tools (OPG Radiographs, CBCT Scans, Intra-oral photos) are examined to assess suitability for dental implants. Treatment options are discussed in detail along with their expected outcomes.

2. VISIT TWO – The Surgical Phase. Once consent has been given we are ready to start the first stage of your implant! The implant fixture is precisely placed and embedded in the bone at the site of the missing tooth. This generally takes one visit. The fixture is then left and allowed 3-6 months to ‘rest and heal.’ This time is given to allow the bone to slowly grow into the threads of the fixture creating the strong and stable support for the prosthesis. This biological process is referred to as ‘osseointegration’. Once time has been allowed and the implant is well integrated the next stage can begin. Note that review appointments are made to track your treatment and well-being between these visits.

3. VISIT THREE – The Prosthetic phase. A high accuracy impression of the area is taken and sent to our local dental laboratory for the meticulous construction of your dental prosthesis, colour matched to your surrounding teeth. Two weeks later your prosthesis is back from the lab and ready to be tried in. Once you are happy with the aesthetic look as well as the functional feel of the implant we simply attach the prosthesis to the strong fixture restoring your smile.

4. VISIT FOUR – Review. Dr David Cao will review the implant and advise you on the maintenance needed to keep the implant strong and healthy. This means regular check ups and cleans with a dentist as well as effective brushing and flossing at home.

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